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Remote health coaching is done via phone or skype. We’ll talk in detail about your health history, your mental and emotional state, your current symptoms, any lab work your primary care has ordered for you, and your lifestyle.  Then, we’ll start talking about the best baby steps you can take to optimize your health and correct imbalances. Questions? Here’s some basic info for new clients.

It's easy! Set up a phone appointment with naturopathic Doctor Dr. Amy. You don't even have to leave home.

It’s easy! Set up a phone appointment with Amy. You don’t even have to leave home.

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I’d love to talk with you and help you to get on a better path to the healthy, vibrant YOU that you should be.

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Phone appointments for remote health coaching with Amy Neuzil are a great resource if you don’t happen to have someone to work with locally.  Amy works with clients from all over the US, Canada and  far-flung parts of the globe. If you are non-English speaking, please engage the services of a translator to join us on the call.

* Amy Neuzil is a Naturopathic Doctor and not a Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathy.  All information on is written from a Naturopathic perspective.  Amy holds a current and valid license to practice naturopathic medicine from the State of Vermont but because she is working remotely, she is NOT practicing as an ND, but rather as a health coach. All labs, diagnosis, prescriptions, and treatments will need to be done by your primary care physician. This site does not provide medical or health-care advice, please consult your physician regarding any health needs you may have.  Please read and understand our full website terms of use and disclaimer.

18 thoughts on “Make an Appointment for Remote Health Coaching with Amy

  1. Ginger Fox

    Hi Amy,

    I am in desperate need of help. I have the MTHFR A1298C mutation. I took the 23andme DNA test to confirm it. I have struggled with depression and anxiety all my life. I go from 1 antidepressant to another. I go up on the dosage and then it stops working. My mom and I listened to your radio podcast this morning and we were shocked because I may have finally found out my issue. I am married, 46 years old with 2 small kids. After doing bloodwork, it also seems I am in early perimenopause. I am currently on antidepressants, trying hormones, getting therapy, and it’s not getting any better.

    A doctor suggested I take optimized folate, so I am taking 1000mcg’s per day. After listening to your podcast maybe this is too much and I am “flooding” my system as you mentioned?? I have desperately dark depressed days and highly anxious days. I am trying to battle through each day for my chidlren and hsuband but something HAS to change as soon as possible.

    I wake up each day no knowing how I will feel. I get extremely depressed then have a good day, then highly anxious another day, then have a good day, etc. This yo-yo’ing has been going on for 9 months. I have had no consistancy in my life and I am exhausted.

    I would like to set up an phone appointment with you as soon as possible to start this detoxification process and have you guide me through it. I don’t seen any openings on your calendar so maybe you could email me and set something up?

    Thank you,

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi Ginger,
      I am so looking forward to talking with you — it is a really scary place to be so volatile and to not know what to expect each day. I hope we can sort through it together!

  2. Ruth Dean

    Hi Amy,
    I scheduled an appointment to speak with you this morning but I am sorry, I need to cancel. I haaven’t eaten anything but clear liquids since Sunday thinking it might soothe my cholecystitis but it does not seem to be improving so I am headed to the ER this morning.
    Sorry for the inconvenience,
    Ruth Dean

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi Ruth,
      I understand completely – I hope you were able to get some relief! Let me know if you want to reschedule.

  3. Pamela

    Hello. 2yrs ago I had a total gastrectomy due to a non-cancerous growth. A large section of small bowel was respected as well. I’ve been closely monitored, have had excellent labs thanks to Thorne Research, and have lost 205 pounds. I recently started having issues digesting milk products, then fruits. I’m loosing food groups. I’m exhausted and my muscles hurt. I’m confused and irritable – not my norm. Recent labs showed NO folic acid/folate and above normal B6 and B12. My GI Specialist didn’t think it was necessary to test ALL my vitamins (so I’ve got my Surgeon ordering them now). I do have MTHFR, MAO-A, and MTRR mutations (among others).

    I need a voice of reason. I understand genetics as they apply to neuromuscular disease – I was born/diagnosed with one. But digestion is a whole new ball game.

    How much do you charge and what’s the usual process? What would you need from me and where should I send it?

    Thank you so much.

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi Pamela,
      Sounds like you’ve been through so much! Congratulations about the weight loss – that’s great news, but yes. Need to address the nutritional/digestive issues before they get out of hand. Here’s some information about becoming a new client etc… The first visit is 1.5 hours for adults and it’s $195. We would schedule and I’d send you some new client paperwork to fill out and have you send me any recent lab work or relevant testing (including genetics if you have a report) and we’d go from there. Also if you’re not sure if this is a right fit for you then we can schedule a free 15 minute consult to talk it through and see if it makes sense to have the full first visit. I look forward to talking with you!

  4. naturopath Auckland

    Neuzil must be highly graduate doctor with some good experience she must know everything about naturopathy. Looking forward to get treatment by Neuzil and expecting good response.

  5. Anonymous

    I am trying to find an ND in the austin area who is knowledgeable about HPV. Do you deal with this?

    Thank you

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi there,
      It would be best to work with someone in person for an issue like HPV, but there are lots of good anti-viral protocols that could help. Here’s a link to our National Association that could help you find an ND in AUstin, or here’s a link to our State Association. I hope this helps!

  6. Karen

    Hi, I’m Karen and I have been very sick from being exposed to black mold for 7 years in the apartment that I lived in and worked from. I have been doing a lot of research and I’m very interested in doing a drainage remedy before proceeding to a detox. I have a very sensitive system and have had a few allergic reactions to medications. I have read about Unda products and gentle drainage products, but I need your help with telling me which blood test to have my doctor take and which products to use and the dosages. I have been unemployed for 6 years so I don’t have a lot of money to pay for a lot of dr. visits plus the costs of natural medicines. I would like to set up a 15 minute meet and greet to ask you about whether you offer drainage remedies, find out how often we would need to meet and the fees associated with all of our consults.

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi Karen,
      Unda numbers could be a great place to start simply because they’re so gentle yet effective. Sadly it’s not something that I’m terribly well versed in. I”d suggest calling your local NDs to see if anyone uses the UNDA numbers. You can find a qualified local ND in the US here or in Canada here. I hope you find the exact right person to work with!

  7. Gina

    Do you do email consults? I got my results via 23andme and ran them through Genetic Genie. I have read your suggestions about where to start with supplements, but I need help because I’m dealing with multiple mutations (COMT V158M +/-, COMT H62H +/-, VDR Taq +/+, ACAT1-02 +/-, MTHFR C677T +/-, MTHFR 03 P39P +/-, MTHFR A1298C +/-, MTR A2756G +/-, BHMT-02 +/-, BHMT-08 +/+). I’m dealing with panic disorder and generalized anxiety and am terrified of it worsening. I will need help getting off antidepressants as well. I cannot do phone or skype but will pay for advice via email. Thanks!

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi Gina,
      Wow – yes it sounds like you’ve got a lot going on. I’ve never tried email consults, and would prefer phone or skype just because it feels like I can actually get to know clients that way – would you be willing to set up a free 15 minute meet and greet (by phone or skype) to discuss it and also tell me why you’d prefer an email consult? Maybe we can find a path forward that works for both of us. 🙂

  8. Julie S

    Just wanted to thank you for posting this information. I’ve found it very helpful in researching my health issues, a journey on which I’ve just (finally) started.

    I do have MTHFR mutations, and am now trying to sort out exactly what they mean and how to best address them, and whether they are causing or contributing to my issues.

    My Dr ran blood tests and everything came back normal. She explained away my issues with “superwoman syndrome” – meaning I’m a stressed out over-worked mom. That is very true, and I’m sure it is one piece of the puzzle, but I think there’s got to be more to it, and I think this might just be a big part of the picture.

    So thanks again for publishing this information!

  9. jessica name is Jessica..i want to start by saying im almost for sure I have hyperthyroidism and adrenal fatigue..i lost 20 pounds in 3 months about 3 years ago and still is losing hair is falling out by hair is thinning…I wake up about 10 or 11 in the morning and go to sleep about 3 in the morning..i have anxiety and depression…my heart pounds fast to the point I feel like im bout to die its real hands shack all the time my body jumps at time or shacks…im very cold at all times….my body hurts as well and sometime I see little black floating dots when I stand up or in the shower…to sum it up I feel like im losing my mind or dying….im very sick could you please help me I have no one who even understands me..most of the time they think im crazy and im just stressed but no this is far to much I know something is wrong with me and im tired of crying and feeling like I just don’t want to live anymore…I really need test taken to get to the root of the problem and to see whats wrong with me and I want to do it the best and safe way…I was wanted to know how do you work with out of town people and do you do one on one coaching and what is your prices….thanks so much…god bless

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Oh my gosh Jessica it sounds like you’re going through a *lot*. It could be thyroid, or adrenal or even a severe iron deficiency. I am happy to work with you from a distance but you’ll need to have a primary care doc in town who can order basic bloodwork just to see what’s going on. Other than that it’s easy – we can set a phone or skype appointment. The first visit is 1.5 hours and is $195. Just call 512.219.8600 to get on the schedule or you can schedule online here. If you need more information all the basics for new clients are right here. Also if you’re not sure this is the right fit for you we can schedule a free 15 minute meet and greet to see if this feels right. I’m so sorry you’re going through so much!

      1. jessica

        i don’t understand i would have to take blood work down here through my primary..well almost every doctor here doesn’t run the right testing that you need or they say nothing is wrong with you i been twice to the hospital i was so sick…they seem to tell me nothing is wrong…plus i want to get all the right testing and i want to heal my self naturally through eating healthy raw organic foods and supplements..i don’t know what to do but im at my wits end…i really need help…i would love for a free 15 min call with you just so we can be on the same track and i could have better understanding please thank you


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