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  1. Lisa Mooney

    Dr Amy I am wondering if you have any ideas on taking the Thorne Basic B as a supplement if one has various MTHFR defects. I am Compound Heterozygous for both the MTHFR defects and I am worried taking the Niacin with the MethylFolate will mop up the methyl donors and defeat the purpose, yet I still think it is important to get the benefit of all the B Vitamins. I can’t find much info about this out there, Thanks, Lisa

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi Lisa,
      So – great question. With a compound heterozygous on both genes I think it would serve you better to be getting a higher dose of the methylfolate and methylcobalamin – simply because we know you’re significantly compromised. I love the Thorne Basic B, but for you the levels may be a little low so you could either take the Basic B to get the other things you need (like the niacin etc…) and add to it the plain 5-MTHF from Thorne and an additional sublingual B-12 or you could try one of the Thorne multis (I take Basic Nutrients IV) and add maybe one capsule of the Methyl Guard or Methyl Guard Plus. Wow – that seems complicated – does this make sense?
      Dr. Amy

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