Save Your Ta-Tas! Add melatonin to prevent tamoxifen resistance. Spread the word!

If you Take Tamoxifen You Need To Read This! Prevent Tamoxifen Resistance

Breast cancer is a big deal, and if you have it then you want to do everything to make sure the treatments you’re taking are actually working, so here is a simple, effective way to prevent tamoxifen resistance – please tell every woman you know! Nobody knows if this will prevent resistance 100%, but according to this study published in the journal Cancer Research, not adding this one simple step can make the drug ineffective, and it’s something that seems harmless. Nobody would ever think this would make such a big difference for breast cancer, but it does so spread the word to your girlfriends – because the killer might be sleeping with your lights on, even a small amount of light under a doorway might cause tamoxifen resistance.

If you know ANY woman with Breast cancer who is using Tamoxifen as a treatment make sure she knows this one simple step. You can help to save her from Tamoxifen resistance.  Tamoxifen resistance happens when melatonin levels are too low, and that can be triggered by tiny amounts of nighttime light.  Make sure women taking Tamoxifen are also taking melatonin at bedtime and sleeping in TOTAL dark.

It’s completely crazy that this might make such a huge difference, but the research is clear. Exposure to even small amounts of light at night can shut off melatonin production and if there isn’t enough melatonin then the breast cancer is rendered completely resistant to Tamoxifen. Researcher David Blask explains the mechanism this way:

“High melatonin levels at night put breast cancer cells to ‘sleep’ by turning off key growth mechanisms. These cells are vulnerable to tamoxifen. But when the lights are on and melatonin is suppressed, breast cancer cells ‘wake up’ and ignore tamoxifen,”

This has huge implications for women who work night shifts, women who sleep with a TV or computer on in their room or even women who have LED lights or even alarm clocks with lit faces. Also for women who have poorly regulated sleep to begin with or who may not produce adequate melatonin. To me, the simple solution is to include melatonin into the protocol for every woman undergoing breast cancer treatment.  Especially since melatonin has it’s own anti-cancer benefits. The standard starting dose for melatonin is 3 mg at bedtime, but in cancer research doses of 20 mg have been shown to have potent anti-cancer benefits, especially for solid tumors like those in breast cancer. If you currently have cancer please talk with your doctor about this and make sure your doctor is aware of the research because this is a new development. Make sure all your lady friends know too because we want to save the ta-tas.

Save Your Ta-Tas! Add melatonin to prevent tamoxifen resistance. Spread the word!

Save Your Ta-Tas! Add melatonin to prevent tamoxifen resistance. Spread the word!

This study was conducted at Tulane University School of Medicine.

8 thoughts on “If you Take Tamoxifen You Need To Read This! Prevent Tamoxifen Resistance

  1. Nunya

    You need to site your sources please. Saying this information is in the “journal Cancer Research” is misleading.

  2. Micaela Ynostrosa

    I’m 62 and just two weeks ago I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. And I see the surgeon on Monday at the VA Hospital In Dallas Texas. I’m in good health as I know it. I’m scared. The radiologist said it was full scale. It’s a large lump that came up large hard and painful. I went to the ER and got some antibiotics and pain pills told to follow up as soon as possible. I did and VA radiologist said suspicious for cancer and she spoke about surgeon and oncology (my world stopped) then I went for a second opinion and yes my private radiologist said 90 percent sure it was cancer. I’m a believer. I’m human and my great aunt had this. I need help. I have read a lot about my surgeon and I see him Monday. I’m scared about loosing my life breast hair all of it.also one of my lymph nodes has cancer. Pray for me.

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi Micaela,
      I’m so sorry you’re going through this. The “c” word is terrifying in any circumstances. Cancer treatment has come a long way and survival rates are better than ever, so please keep your hope, remember that you are strong and that you can make it through this. I wish you all the best and I will pray for you.

  3. Audrey

    Remember, only your eyes need to be in the dark, so a sleeping mask works too. (Sensor is in the retinal ganglionic cell layer). Room-darkening curtains help. Dim red or dim amber night lights are useful in the bathroom, hallway or bedroom where needed and cause minimal circadian disruption. Avoid TV, computers 1-2 hours before bedtime. Sleep in a room so dark, you can’t see the hand in front of your face. Tell your alderman to stop light trespass in your bedroom windows caused by misdirected streetlights. Get as much B LUE LIGHT during the DAY, especially morning, to maximize normal natural production of melatonin.

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Totally true, but with Tamoxifen it’s important to still take melatonin, not just protect your own. But good sleep helps everything, so good tips about sleep hygiene!

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