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The Women’s Circle Project

This is a bit of an experiment so thanks for being here! Please give as much feedback as you can and hopefully together we can turn this into something that works for you and me and for women all over the place. Here’s how it goes:

I am a woman and I notice that when I get caught up in the daily grind, the every-day little details and drudgery that life seems so full of these days I start to lose touch with myself, my joy and most importantly with the part of me that is growing and seeking and becoming more evolved, more complex and more me.  I’m guessing this might be an experience that more women than just myself have encountered and that possibly, by working together, we can start to find ways collectively to carry ourselves through.

The goal of the women's circle is a good life. A free life. Life that feels like this.

The goal of a women’s circle is a good life, a more free life. A life with space for a little wildness, more freedom, more joy and more growth and evolution.

The laundry will still need to get done, we’ll still need to pay bills and wash dishes and go to work and answer emails and chase children. Maybe we’ll also make a little more space for the sacred, the creative, the community of women and the times when we have our arms to the sky and our feet in the dirt and feel connected to this place we call earth.

I genuinely believe that we’re at an interesting time in the evolution of the world where women and men have more equality and where gender roles and expectations are shifting so rapidly that none of us can keep up. Add to that a chaotic world that is changing every second and it’s easy to feel lost and disconnected.  I also think one way to re-gain connection is for us women to hold each other to the process. To share our own tips and tricks and keep each other accountable for continuing the slow dance of evolution. I also feel that if women continue to move forward then our children, our partners and people around us will follow where we lead.

Join the Women's Circle and Dance with me!

Join in the conversation and dance with me! This is a place for us to talk about what it really means to be a woman in this time and where we want to go with that.

On a purely selfish level I think this will lead to a better life, greater happiness, and a deeper sense of love and connection with my world, with the community of women and with the idea that there are other people out there who are doing their damnedest every day to keep engaging with the dance. Those are the women I want on my team, on OUR team. Those women aren’t afraid to tell hard truths, to face their own fears and flaws and to help me to do the same (even when it’s horrible and scary and requires mountains of chocolate). They’re also the women I want to share my time and space with so lets just go ahead and create some community here ladies!

Dance with me!

If you have any interest in joining the conversation in a bigger way than with comments, by all means email me and we’ll see if it feels like a good fit for you to add posts of your own.  This is an experiment and we’re all in it together.