To Health With That! MTHFR Podcast

Have You Listened To The Amazing MTHFR Podcast Yet?

I started a podcast, which has been a strange and wonderful journey. It’s all about MTHFR because you know that is a passion project for me. I know how much managing my compound heterozygous situation has done for me, and I want to pass on all of that knowledge to you.

Why Does Detox Feel So Bad? To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

Detox is amazing for your body, so why does it feel so awful? The great news is that symptoms of detoxification may be helpful in giving your signals about what is happening. We'll quickly review phases I – III of detoxification, why things can feel bad, where detoxification gets stuck, and how to plan for an easier detoxification. 00:00 – Intro 00:58 – 3 phases of detox 02:54 – detox uses energy and resources 04:24 – Four reasons why detox feels bad 06:31 – Plan ahead for easier detox 07:21 – Symptoms of detox GENETIC ROCKSTARS (an MTHFR community): FREE COURSE: MTHFR Basics: WORK WITH DR. AMY ONE-ON-ONE: Set up a free meet and greet appointment to see if we’re a good fit to work together, or if group coaching, community, or something else might be a better option: GROUP COACHING: WEBSITE: AFFILIATE LINKS: I appreciate you using these links to purchase products you would buy anyway, because they allow me to keep putting information out there. Thank you! SEEKING HEALTH (methylation and histamine support supplements – these ship internationally): STRATEGENE REPORT (detailed genetics using 23andme or ancestry raw data): FULLSCRIPT (professional grade supplements): QUEEN OF THE THRONE (castor oil and castor oil packs): use code AMY_TOHEALTHWITHTHAT10 for 10% off of any order of $59 or more — Send in a voice message:
  1. Why Does Detox Feel So Bad?
  2. Detoxification Basics
  3. Toxins: The Energy Killer
  4. You Don't Have Energy If You Don't Breathe
  5. Hormones and Energy

This MTHFR Podcast is Called To Health With That!

We’re doing a deep-dive into MTHFR issues in small bites of 10 minutes or less because it’s easier to learn things in small layers. Not sure what MTHFR is? Here’s a couple of links to get you started: MTHFR basics, MTHFR in the simplest terms possible – it’s the magic chair.

I would love your feedback, so if you have any comments, suggestions, or words of wisdom, shoot them to me!

To Health With That! MTHFR Podcast
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