To Health With That! MTHFR Podcast

Have You Listened To The Amazing MTHFR Podcast Yet?

I started a podcast, which has been a strange and wonderful journey. It’s all about MTHFR because you know that is a passion project for me. I know how much managing my compound heterozygous situation has done for me, and I want to pass on all of that knowledge to you.

Endometriosis and Fertility Deep Dive To Health With That! MTHFR Mutations.

Endometriosis is one of the leading causes of female factor infertility and it's responsible for incredibly painful menses, heavy bleeding, and often pain with intercourse as well.  This week we'll talk about the links between endometriosis and fertility and next week we'll deep dive into some of the underlying causes, including inflammation and hormone imbalances. We'll also talk about the value of integrative medicine indulging main stream medical practice with naturopathic care specifically for endometriosis. For the video version of Drs Kate and Amy talking this through, click here. If you have genetic polymorphisms and want to work on them with an amazing group of other folks with genetic polymorphisms, click here. If you'd like to take a course on MTHFR, click here. To learn more about Dr. Kate Naumes, visit For more about Dr. Amy Neuzil, visit — Send in a voice message:
  1. Endometriosis and Fertility Deep Dive
  2. What To Expect From Your ND for Fertility
  3. The Complete Infertility Evaluation, Explained
  4. Charting Your Cycle For Fertility
  5. Folic Acid vs. 5-LMTHF in Pregnancy and Fertility

This MTHFR Podcast is Called To Health With That!

We’re doing a deep-dive into MTHFR issues in small bites of 10 minutes or less because it’s easier to learn things in small layers. Not sure what MTHFR is? Here’s a couple of links to get you started: MTHFR basics, MTHFR in the simplest terms possible – it’s the magic chair.

I would love your feedback, so if you have any comments, suggestions, or words of wisdom, shoot them to me!

To Health With That! MTHFR Podcast
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