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Great Health is Easy. Just Ask Your Dog.

Great Health *is* easy. Except when it doesn’t feel that way – which, according to my clients, is pretty much always. Here’s the thing – if you treated yourselves the way you treat your beloved pets, you’ll be just fine.

Great Health Is Easy: Just Treat Yourself Like Your Pets

Clean food without a lot of fillers

Great health is easy with great food

Great health is easy if you eat good food.

The media has been all over how bad the fillers are in pet food and how much better off your pet would be without them.  The grain (what dog or cat needs grain?), soy, corn artificial flavors and preservatives.  Why not just give them meat and veggies like they would eat in the wild?  Well why not take that one step further and feed yourself that way?  Here’s the thing – if grains in food are causing hot spots, allergies, inflammation and behavior problems in your pet, why wouldn’t they be doing the same thing to you? Think about it and cut out the filler foods.

Fresh Water

Obviously your animal needs a supply of clean, fresh water to drink that is easily available throughout the day, otherwise they could die, right? Right? And they really don’t need too much of anything else to drink (think sodas, juices, etc…), isn’t that right too? Yup. Neither do you. I know the human-animals out there enjoy a good coffee or wine or beer or lemonade but for the most part the best through-the-day drink is water. Enough water – shoot for eight 8 oz glasses and you’ll be golden.

A Walk Every Day

Of course your beloved dog needs to walk every day – everyone knows that.   Guess what? You do too! It doesn’t have to be a long walk, or even a fast walk, but walking every day helps you avoid Alzheimer’s disease, reduces your risk of heart attack, improves mood and sense of well being and generally makes you (and your pet) feel better. Great health is easy if you just have a walk.

Good sleep

Great health is easy if you just sleep

Great health is easy when sleep is a priority.

You’ve seen your cat sprawl out in the middle of the day on the sunny spot on the carpet, and your dog curl up in their bed for an afternoon siesta. Animals don’t hesitate to sleep if they need it and you shouldn’t either.  I know that’s easier said than done when your schedule is overly-full and you’re working and taking care of kids and trying to cram 28 hours into a 24 hour day. The bottom line is that you will be happier, more productive, more energetic and nicer to be around if you just get enough sleep regularly.

Play time with fresh air

Because really, what’s the point of all the hard work, effort and struggle if you don’t get to play a little? I’m just sayin’. If you aren’t doing the things that make you happy, then chances are the rest of it just isn’t really worth it.

Well – voila! That’s what you need too? As it turns out the human animal is pretty darn similar to the doggy-animal or cat-animal or whatever other type of animal you might have. Before you make excuses and say “I don’t have time…” remember that you should be just as high a priority on your list of things to do in the day as your pet is.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you gave yourself as much love as you gave your pet? Imagine how much better you’d feel on a daily basis.