MTHFR Basics Podcast

This week I had the lovely opportunity to be on Blog Talk Radio with Erin Chamerlik, The Real Food Revivalist- see Her listeners wanted to know a little bit more about MTHFR mutation.  You can listen to the recording here:

MTHFR Basics Podcast with Dr. Amy Neuzil, ND on The Real Food Revivalist Show

Tune in now to listen to this MTHFR basics podcast.

Tune in now to listen to this MTHFR basics podcast.

Listen for answers to questions like:

  • What is the MTHFR mutation?
  • Is it Common?
  • What are the implications for fertility and mood?
  • What sort of testing is available for MTHFR?
  • How do you start supplementing with 5-LMTHF?
  • Doesn’t this have to do with detoxification too?


I hope you enjoy this free podcast and if you have any questions for me please feel free to post them as comments. 🙂

5 thoughts on “MTHFR Basics Podcast

  1. Suzanne

    Thankyou Amy, I will try this and also eat food with B12 rather than supplement there as well. I appreciate your honesty as I only ever seem to hear that you MUST supplement and just push through side effects. I believe my gut instinct was telling me to get off activated supplements. My only other option would be folinic acid and hydroxy B12 and I am wondering whether you think I would react the same way to these forms of supplements? Thanks again,.

    1. Suzanne

      I should clarify the reason I am asking this is because my research points to the fact that maybe I have comt gene problems causing me to react to methy b12 and methyfolate with anxiety. The information is saying to try hydroxy b12 and folinic acid. This confuses me so much! So I am not sure whether I actually have enough methyl donors and dont need to do anything, whether I need to try to the new hydroxy B12 and folinic acid or keep up high amounts of food with these vitamins in? Thanks again.

      1. Suzanne

        Hello again,

        Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I really could do with some help as it is all very confusing to me.


  2. Suzanne

    I have been tested and am compound heterygeous. I have tried to take Methylfolate 500 mcg and Methy B12 500 mcg and then down to half at 250 mcg and then even to 1/4 125 mcg. Each time I have felt extremely anxious and then depressed which I have never felt in my life! My gut is telling me to revert to eating natural foods high in folate and B12 as I was feeling really good doing this. Now I am in such an anxious state about correcting my MTHFR that I truly wish I had never found out about it in the first place! I feel quite obsessed with it and spend hours researching evidence supporting all aspects of it. Please help me with what to do next…..stop tablets altogether and eat diet high in folate and B12 or continue trying supplements. Thankyou for your time.

    1. amyneuzil Post author

      Hi Suzanne,
      If you can eat a diet high in folate I believe that would be your best option. I try to aim for about 1000 mcg (ish) from dietary sources. Especially if you were feeling well with a food based plan. Also I’d suggest a google-diet. 🙂 Keep me posted!

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