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Welcome!  Please use this site as a resource on natural medicine and health improvement because it’s all about YOU. These are ways you can change your life for the better, ideas to change your thought patterns, your health and your level of joy in life.  Also some random information about living a little more on the earth each day and getting closer to the things that really matter. Enjoy this funny, eclectic information on natural health and alternative medicine from Austin’s own naturopathic doctor* Amy Neuzil.

Follow the links above to see particular topics or just take a look at the BLOG – To Health WIth That! for the entire thing. If there are any natural health or alternative medicine topics in particular you want to hear more about please feel free to contact me and I’ll be happy to write about it.

Written by Naturopathic Doctor* Amy Neuzil, who has been one of Austin’s most highly acclaimed natural health practitioners for the last decade. Also an author, blogger, teacher, speaker and total freaking goofball. Currently seeing clients at People’s Rx Wellness Center at the lakeline location.

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